About Us

We all different, yet one thing unites us all – we love what we do!

About Us

We all different,
yet one thing unites us all –
we love what we do!

About Us

We all different,
yet one thing unites us all –
we love what we do!

Who we are

We are experts with 15 years of experience in national as well as international projects.

We have already completed over 200 projects successfully.

Our broad range of expertise includes:

ERP Implementations

Scanner & PDA Solutions

Complex Business Solutions

Intranet & Extranet Portals

ERP Implementations

Scanner & PDA Solutions

Complex Business Solutions

Intranet & Extranet Portals

Web- & Mobile Apps

Interfaces & APIs

E-Commerce Systems


Web & Mobile Apps

Interfaces & APIs

E-Commerce Systems


The key to our success is an established workflow and a good communication with our customers

Who we work for

Our happy customers are small and
medium-sized companies in:

We make the work really work

There is no bigger excitement than to see companies using our software and letting so their employees make the most of their workday. Only maybe except for seeing their logos on our website as their seal of approval =)

What do our customers appreciate about us

Our cooperative approach is not the only thing that our customers appreciate about us.
We are building trusting and lasting relationships with our customers because of:

Our customer first strategy

Customer interests always come first.

Our strong advisor role

We find the best way to implement customers ideas.

Our consistency and reliability

We complete every project we ever started.

What do we expect from our customers?

A cooperative approach is very important to get the projects completed in time.

It means that every customer has his tasks that have to be done.

He must:

Stick to the agreements made

Cooperate in appropriate time

Test every step completed

Because only together we can accomplish a project successfully

We reserve the right to reject projects if no common ground is found.

How we became,
what we are

1100 BC

In Southeast Asia the abacus come up. It is a mechanical machine that helps to calculate. In his way it is similar to a computer in our time.

We also tried to get ERP Systems implemented before their time. We had to put the idea on hold and wait for the right time to come.


It begins! In Ochsenfurt, on January 2nd the business is registered. The home office is set up in Margaretha-Helbling-Str. 3. All tools are prepared, all pencils sharpened.

Our first customer! On January 5th, 2007, the first record was written for BCM Kosmetik from Dietzenbach. Log files were checked, a new layout in iReport for a new form "initial production sample" was designed and the information systems were modified. Exciting!


The first foreign assignment at Prodak Kosmetik in Wałbrzych, Poland. We implement a scanner solution for warehouse and material supply.

New customers choose us:

  • Manufacturer of PVC-pipes
  • Metal processing, hot-dip galvanizing
  • Manufacturer of climbing protection technology
  • Manufacturers of electronic assemblies and systems

First requests have to be declined because we have no free capacity anymore.

Kindermann is acquired directly in Ochsenfurt. We implement abas ERP for the company and support the client after.

We can reach the customer on foot.


New clients decide to come to us:

  • Manufacturer for distillation equipment
  • Manufacturer of precision mechanical, optical and electronic products for film and television
  • Manufacturer of smoke extraction, fire protection and ventilation systems
  • Manufacturer of office furniture
  • Manufacturer of heat and power generators

We begin with the construction of our office in Stockstadt on Main, because we feel the need to come home to Aschaffenburg and to the beautiful river Main.

We are looking for new customers in the Frankfurt area, so we don't have to spend so much time on the road.

An automotive supplier, a manufacturer of high-precision, ground axles entrusts us with a major project

Main tasks are:

  • Batch management, PTR, PDA, QM/QS
  • Implementation of an individual staff time record and accounting in ABAS with an interface to a payroll accounting program
  • Implementation of an automated batch management with batch traceability

The Construction is completed. We are moving to Stockstadt on Main.

Everything fits in a pickup truck.

A manufacturer of lubrication and industrial conveyor belts comes to us with a major project

Main tasks are:

  • Pre- and post-calculation, PDA via scanner (eBusiness)
  • Implementation of an individual pre-calculation program to estimate future prices
  • Scanner-based inventory

A manufacturer of grinding machines chooses us for a major project

Main tasks are:

  • Configuration, service processing, various interfaces (CAD, PDM), time recording
  • Software implementation for import prices from a product configurator

We're getting familiarized with our new location.

Further foreign orders follow, from Russia, UK, France, Poland, Hong Kong.

More clients find us:

  • Manufacturer of prams & buggies
  • Manufacturer of pumping technologies
  • Retailer from gastronomy
  • Manufacturer of plastic hoses

We focus on ERP projects now.

New customers trust us:

  • Digital printing service provider
  • Precious metal recycling
  • Trailer manufacturer

We are getting more major projects:

For a manufacturer of electrical connections

Main tasks are:

  • Pre- and post-calculation, material evaluation, PDA via scanner, contract manufacturing
  • Software implementation to compare pre and post costs for sales invoices
  • Implementation of contract manufacturing to connect foreign branches
  • Implementation of a multi-site for data exchange between all branches

For a manufacturer of aluminum beverage closures

Main tasks are:

  • Manufacturing, batch management, dispatch planning, PDA via scanner
  • Implementation of an automated batch management for the entire production
  • Implementation of a shipping plan for scanner-supported logistic

We expand our services to web and mobile app development.

The team is growing. New employees are hired to implement enterprise web and mobile apps.


We offer mobile apps now, mainly scanner and PDA solutions with Android or as web application.

A small selection of our new major projects:

A manufacturer of films and molded parts for the automotive industry

Main tasks are:

  • EDI, contract manufacturing, batch management
  • Configurator implementation for article classification
  • Contract manufacturing implementation for the entire production with the ordering option for material

A distributor of highly precise, miniaturized hydraulic components

Main tasks are:

  • EDI, serial number and batch management
  • Automated batch management implementation for the entire production
  • Interface implementation for a CRM system
  • Connection to a BI system

On January 11th, 2018, at the district court in Aschaffenburg senapsa GmbH is registered.

Managing director and the only shareholder is Andreas Kraft.


Customers want to digitize.

So we expand our business model to digitization, big data, mobile apps, enterprise portals, enterprise web apps & APIs.

We are also developing iOS and Android apps for our customers for:

  • Production resource planning
  • CRM systems with ERP connection
  • Messenger for enterprise collaboration
  • Service planning for field services

In times of Corona, we don't have to fire any employees. Our loyal customers provide us with good and steady projects. We are investing in a company in the Baltics to offer our customers an even wider range of services.

This invests pay of.

We expand our services to:

  • Enterprise Portal Development with Liferay
  • Enterprise Information System Development with Java/Jakarta EE
  • Educational System Development with Open EDX

The expansion is a success. We triple our sales and income compared to 2020.

A small selection of our major projects:

abas ERP:

  • Manufacturer of electric motors
  • Manufacturer and processor of high-precision glass products
  • Manufacturer of capping machines for the beverage industry
  • Manufacturer of construction composite films, paints, varnishes and pastes
  • Manufacturers of casings and panels

Enterprise Portals:

  • A portal for precious metal recycling based on Liferay
  • An in-house training system based on Open EDX
  • An employee portal for a large chemical company, based on Liferay
  • An internal management system for customer contracts for the financial industry, based on Liferay

Enterprise Web Apps & APIs:

  • A web app to calculate building insulation costs
  • A web app to configure and estimate the cost of outdoor kitchens
  • Various REST APIs for existing software products (ERP, CRM)

Mobile Apps:

  • An iOS and Android App for delivery services
  • An iOS and Android App for a customer portal
  • An iOS and Android App for field services

Big Data:

  • A very large, flexible and adaptive interface based on Apache NiFi to connect a warehouse management to the ERP system
  • An application to collect precious metal prices from various sources on the Internet and publish them as an internal REST API, based on Apache NiFi and Apache Kafka

We are expanding our services to consulting and auditing of IT projects.

Contact us with your idea and we will find the right technical solution for you!