Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data is large, complex and fast-moving data that cannot be processed with conventional software and hardware.

For this reason Big Data requires special solutions for:

Data Storage

To store Big Data, several servers need to be grouped into clusters and connected to large, powerful hard drives. This hardware supports the Big Data analytics software required to process large amounts of data.

For data analysis, the system uses databases with massively parallel processing. This means that data from different sources can be handled efficiently and, if necessary, even in real time.

Data Management

Data Management with Big Data does not only include traditional data modeling and data architecture. New technologies also accelerate data access and improve usability.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the presentation of data in graphical form as charts, maps or graphs of any kind. The graphical representation helps companies understand their data better and identify trends and patterns more easily.

Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis is designed to process large amounts of data in order to identify patterns, connections or other insights. The data analysis results can help to make strategic decisions or to improve marketing.

What is the difference between Big Data Analytics and Big Data Engineering?

Big Data Analytics and Big Data Engineering are strongly interconnected fields.

While Big Data Engineering provides the framework for data collection and data storage, Big Data Analytics contributes the environment for large amounts of data to gain the necessary insights.

Our team has extensive experience in Big Data Engineering
and Big Data Analytics

What are the most important
Big Data technologies?

The most important technologies in Big Data projects are:

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is a scalable framework for easy and secure automation of data flow between different systems. Originally developed by the NSA as NiagaraFiles, NiFi provides an integrated data logistics platform for managing data traffic between source and destination systems. A wide range of standard features in NiFi enables fast transfer of large data.

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Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform for storing and processing data streams. Originally only developed as a messaging queue, Kafka became over time an important Big Data platform that provides different interfaces for writing and reading data as well as importing and exporting data to subsystems.

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Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra provides a simple distributed database management system for the Big Data architecture. Cassandra is optimally designed for Big Data processing, high scalability and reliability in distributed systems.

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Apache Spark

Apache Spark uses a distributed architecture and cluster computing to process large data efficiently and at a very high speed. The open source framework supports data processing in the main memory and enables so very fast calculations.

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Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is one of the first systems in Big Data architecture. It is a distributed framework for scalable software. Hadoop is based on Google’s MapReduce algorithm and enables powerful computing processing of up to several petabytes in a very short time. As a result, large data can be stored and processed extraordinarily fast.

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How to use Big Data?

Large amounts of data only add value if they can be processed in the right way.

With the good analysis methods, Big Data can, for example:

  • Help financial institutions uncover fraud
  • Minimize the risks of investments or lending
  • Prepare financial forecasts
  • Segment customers
  • Gather data about purchases and customers
  • Personalize marketing and make it so more efficient
  • Maintain recommendation systems for customers
  • Identify and eliminate error in production

Big Data can also be used for new services

Big Data can also be used for new services

For example, fitness apps can track the user's movement to calculate the calorie consumption and to provide individual dietary guidelines or training tips.
Cars can not only store the driver's preferences for interior temperature and movement speed on different road sections. They can also monitor the driver's heart rate and body temperature. If signs of stress are detected and the weather conditions are bad or the speed is high, the system warns the driver. This can prevent serious accidents.

Examples for Big Data
based business solutions

Big Data can be used in every business area successfully, for example in:


In E-Commerce, Big Data helps to analyze customer behavior. What do customers choose, how do they interact, what do they like? Once the questions are answered, the marketing channels can meet customer needs more precisely. In addition, on the basis of Big Data, the customer experience can be improved, the service expanded, unproductive processes eliminated and risks minimized. This attracts more customers, brings new income and increases so the turnover.


Big Data can provide important insights into manufacturing to increase product quality, improve efficiency and minimize losses. So manufacturing companies can increase their profits and strengthen their market position sustainably.


The logistics depend on simple and reliable transport routes. This requires navigation apps with the access to digital road maps. The routes on the maps are calculated using Big Data. Big Data ensures so the safe transport.


Many service companies use Big Data. Banks and insurance companies, for example, analyze Deep Data to minimize their risk when granting a loan or close an insurance police. Retailers and tour operators, on the other hand, use Big Data to make personalized offers to their customers. This way they can increase sales without spending more money.


Media companies predict with Big Data how popular series, films or programs will be. Based on the forecast, the companies not only decide when to send a product. They even estimate whether the production costs will pay off in the end.

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What are our Big Data services?

Our Big Data services are:

Big Data Consulting

We provide Big Data consulting for our customers. This includes also the Big Data architecture design, that meet the individual customer requirements for data storage and data processing.

Big Data Implementation

During implementation, we don’t just focus on quality and security. We also deliver uniform standards for process development and process management. This way we provide our customers with a stable, user-friendly system that optimally fulfills its tasks.

Big Data Analytics

With the Big Data analytics service we organize and analyze company data. We present the results as clear, concise graphical reports. Those reports help our clients to make strategic business decisions or implement new ideas to grow their business successfully.

Big Data Support

We help our customers in all Big Data projects. We also provide performance monitoring, troubleshooting, software updates and functionality tests, on request also data recovery or data cleansing.

What are our basic steps in a Big Data project?

Our basic steps in a Big Data project are:


In the first step, we define the project goals. The goals determine which tasks we have to accomplish.


Then we set up an introductory concept. In the concept we describe in detail the data to be processed and the technical requirements to be met. After that we establish a work plan in the form of a step-by-step procedure.

Architecture & Design

In this step, we develop the software architecture. We create a prototype design and layout to make adjustments and extensions if necessary.


Now we are developing the software for Big Data processing. We build a web app or desktop app interface for interaction with the obtained data. If necessary, we implement also further interfaces to third-party systems.


After developing, we test all software functions in detail. If we discover errors, we document and correct them immediately.


Once the Big Data software is developed and tested, we introduce it to the customer. Together with the customer we test the system again and then it goes live.

Also, after Go-Live, we provide you with comprehensive Big Data support so that you can lead your company to the success

How much does a Big Data solution cost?

To calculate the price of your Big Data solution, we ask you the following questions:

  • For which industry do you need the Big Data solution?
  • Which and how much data do you wish to processed?
  • Which tasks need to be fulfilled, which results should be achieved?
  • How quickly do you need the Big Data solution?

Once all questions have been answered in detail,
we will calculate the estimated cost

Why is senapsa the right partner for you?

We are the right partner for all digitalization tasks, because of

We have many years of extensive project experience. We implement both simple and complex solutions for different industries and areas of application.

We follow your specifications and wishes. You get exactly the solution you need and ordered, with all settings and functions included.

We deliver the product in your Corporate Design so that your customers and employees recognize your brand.

We work with a well-established team. We cover the complete development life cycle, from the idea and market analysis to implementation and Go Live. You receive the entire project from us.

We divide the project into individual development phases, which you can follow easily and conveniently. This gives you the opportunity to monitor and control the entire development process.

We ensure a perfect execution at all times. Even after completion, we are there for you, so that your product works as long as you use it.

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