What is Digitization?

Digitization means transforming from analogue to digital formats in order to improve ongoing processes. This way any kind of data and information can be recorded, processed and stored digitally.

Digitization is not only changing work processes and interaction with business partners. It also opens new types of income streams.

Advantages of Digitization

The German digitization index shows that in the past year alone, medium-sized companies achieved sales growth of at least 38 percent as a result of Digitization. 44% of the companies were even able to improve their product quality due to Digitization.

So Digitization makes companies statistical

  • more resilient in times of crisis,
  • more adaptable to changing market conditions and
  • faster when implementing new business strategies.

The reason for that are the advantages of Digitization every company benefits from.

These are in particular:

Increased Productivity

Digitization makes it possible to automate processes. As a result, employees do not have to preform time-consuming, recurring standard tasks. They can invest their time in creative or strategic tasks instead.

This increases productivity.

Low Operating Costs

Operating costs can be reduced by Digitization in many ways. For example, after switching to cloud computing, companies don’t need any additional hardware equipment nor someone to maintain it. Customer Self-Services also bring savings, eliminating the need for expensive customer service.

So every Digitalization step reduces expenses.

Personalized Customer Experience

Digitization gives companies a comprehensive insight into their data. The database is not only for solid strategic decisions important. It can also optimize customer experience and customer satisfaction. For example, customers get product recommendations based on their previous buying behavior.

This personalized customer experience allows the company to increase conversion rates, achieve customer loyalty and react agilely to all market demands.

Improved Communication

Digitization is radically changing all communication processes. Teams can be build regardless of team member’s location. Every employee receives access to documents he needs. He can take part in meetings and share ideas remotely.

This makes communication fast and efficient.

Quick Innovation Cycles

Digitization supports innovation processes. Short communication channels and new tools make brainstorming easy. In this way, new products, procedures and marketing strategies can evolve.

Rapid innovation makes the company stronger and more resilient in competition.

Access to New Markets

Digitization is global. It lets the company enter new markets, nationally as well as internationally. New customers and lucrative partnerships can come at any time and from anywhere in the world.

This is something that only Digitization can do.

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What are the most important components of Digitization?

The most important components of Digitization are:

Business Processes Optimization

Optimization includes:

  • Process Automation so programs can handle routine tasks
  • Use of Virtual Collaboration Platforms to share information, speed up communication and enable remote work from every place in the world
  • Employee Productivity Analysis for clear process flows and transparent performance assessment
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making for strategic business management and customer service

Improving Customer Experience

Improvement includes:

  • Analyzing Target Group with special tools for target group segmentation and behavioral analysis
  • Using New Technologies for predictive marketing, technical support, Self-Services, and sales growth
  • Applying Geospatial Data to social networks and instant messengers for enhancing customer interaction

Changing Business Strategy

The change includes:

  • Using Multichannel Strategy to combine digital and analogue channels and to expand digital sales
  • Developing Digital Products to widen the product range and find new customers
  • Go International to attract qualified employees regardless of their national or international location and access the international market

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Digitization of Different Business Areas

Every business area benefits from Digitization.

Different business areas require different strategies and approaches.

Here we present three examples:

Digitization of Production Processes

The following points are important for Digitization of production processes:

Industry 4.0 consists of two main areas – digitally networked production and self-organization.

Networked production allows data exchange. This makes information accessible. Based on the information, connected system can react intelligently. Both machines and goods can be equipped with sensors for self-organization. So they communicate with each other and with other systems. In this way, not only production, but also development, sales, suppliers and customers can be connected. This optimizes and automates all processes. The result is decentralized self-optimization (Smart Factory).

Industry 4.0 is therefore the digital transformation in production.

Smart Factory works with sensors and digital information paths on products, machines and processes. This is called the Internet of Things (IoT), because all communication between machines and people, production plants and warehouse management systems, companies and customers is handled via the Internet.

So the Internet of Things (IoT) is the basis for Digitization in production.

The digital replica of all company processes is called Digital Twin. These can be factories, production or logistics chains. With a Digital Twin, you can simulate, for example, processes, testing optimization solutions. This way you can find planning errors immediately.

The Digital Twin saves time and money in product development.

Collected production and process data (Big Data) can be evaluated using AI. This can improve production and services.

Big Data and AI are important components of the digital transformation in production.

Industry 4.0 also influences the world of work. Some production jobs may go lost as a result of automation. Yet Digitization creates an increasing need for qualified personnel, in the digital environment as well as in the areas of planning, organization and marketing.

Digitization is changing the world of work. This is something companies need to adjust to.

Digital Transformation of IT Infrastructure

The following steps are important for Digitization of IT Infrastructure:

With a software-controlled network, the network configuration can be adjusted centrally if required. Peripheral computing let the network connection work faster and more stably.

Cloud services don’t just help to reduce operational costs. They are also scalable. That supports growth. All major cloud providers are investing in their security constantly. The cloud is and stays a secure solution for every company.

Cloud technologies keep data stored in the cloud, safe. Yet it’s advisable to develop a good security strategy for data exchange inside your company.

Digital Transformation in HR Processes

The following procedures are recommended for digitizing HR processes:

So employees productivity can be measured and compared to other team members. In addition, the software can provide individual recommendations for better performance.

For example, doctor certificates from employees can be recorded automatically. If necessary, the software can process further steps according to the current legal situation.

More and more companies are moving their recruiting processes to social media. This is not only cheaper, but also more efficient.

Using game elements in the workplace increases motivation. For example, interactive leaderboards can list scores of all team members in real time. Winners may be awarded with prizes.

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Digitization Tools

Particularly advisable for digital transformation are:

Business Software

So CRM system for customer relationship management can be used for automation. It optimizes the marketing process and increases sales.

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) brings many possibilities too. It optimizes business processes and collaboration within the company.

B2B Portals

On a B2B Portal, customers can find products information, place orders and view the shipping status in real time. A B2B Portal is also good for finding lucrative partnerships and developing your own brand.

Self-Service Portals

With a Self-Service Portal, customers can query their order status, find out about ongoing and completed processes, and exchange documents. This relieves customer service and increases customer satisfaction.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are versatile. They create new sales channels or working environments. Apps are also a good way to build a brand or to optimize internal processes. With an App you can test a start-up idea on the market at little expense.

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