Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi

What is
Apache NiFi?

Apache NiFi is an open source real-time data collection and event processing platform. It is based on the so-called “Niagara Files” technology. The NSA developed Niagara Files as a rapidly deployable, flexible, extensible and customizable solution.

The Apache Software Foundation subsequently received NiFi from the NSA as part of the technology transfer program. Apache NiFi’s flexibility and adaptability make it perfect for a wide range of uses. NiFi can operate in small edge computing devices such as Raspberry Pi, as well as in enterprise data clusters and in the cloud.

The key advantage of Apache NiFi is that it can dynamically adapt to a fluctuating network connection at any time so that data transmission is not affected.

Apache NiFi supports various data formats, messaging systems and protocols, as well as most databases. This way a large number of data sources and complex data flows can be managed easily and securely.

This makes Apache NiFi the right choice for Big Data projects.

What can Apache NiFi do for your business?

Apache NiFi allows:

Extracting, transforming and loading data, using reusable processors via a drag-and-drop graphical web interface

Visualizing the data flow

Real-time data flow control for easy data transfer management between source and target systems

Scaling clusters for optimal data transfer

Integrating existing Java ecosystem libraries and functions

Complying with existing data standards when data accuracy and data history are critical

We set up Apache NiFi in your company for a stable and secure data processing

Why is Apache NiFi important for Big Data?

In a Big Data project, data preparation is crucial.

Apache NiFi as a real-time data collection and event processing platform is an optimal solution, especially for Big Data projects. With Apache NiFi, data from different sources and in different formats can be retrieved quickly and easily as well as made available in a centralized Data Lake.

What are the benefits of Apache NiFi?

Key benefits of Apache NiFi are:

Apache NiFi is highly configurable. So the platform can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the company. These include, for example, the guaranteed transmission of data, high data throughput, low latency and dynamic prioritization of the data flow at runtime.

The heart of Apache NiFi is an easy-to-use web-based user interface. The controls, design and error management are designed to be user-friendly. A central dashboard gives the user full access to all Apache NiFi functions, including the option for monitoring the running processors.

A data provenance module in Apache NiFi makes it easy to track and monitor data along the entire data flow. This way custom processors and reporting tasks can be created to meet the needs of the business the best.

Security is Apache NiFi’s top priority. Therefore, not only common protocols such as HTTPS, SSL, SSH are supported, but also a number of other encryption technologies. This ensures a secure environment within complex corporate structures.

A user role management is integrated into Apache NiFi. If required, authorization via LDAP can also be configured.

So administrators can assign individual permissions or roles to users. This allows standard permissions such as writing, reading and executing or complex permission structures to be implemented.

Apache NiFi supports various formats of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data.

Apache NiFi’s distributed architecture supports fast parallel loading and rapid data processing. The data throughput and buffering adapt optimally to the streaming and processing speed.

The processing performance is around 32.6 GB/second. This means that around 9.56 TB of data can be transferred within 5 minutes. That comes up to about 42.4 billion messages.

A version control service from Apache NiFi enables easy and secure data management. So different versions of changed data can be stored centrally for common use.

Apache NiFi can process any amount of data in cluster operation. So the platform can also be easily adapted to growing companies.

The performance and scalability of the cluster architecture in combination with the Apache NiFi light weight allow an easy integration into Big Data systems as well as in IoT/IIoT projects with limited data bandwidth and unstable internet connections.

Apache NiFi has a REST API for managing and monitoring data flow components and collecting statistics. So, for example, to start or to stop event handlers, to monitor queues or to request inquiries details in real time.

We will help you to use Apache NiFi in your company so that you too can benefit from the advantages of real-time data collection

Apache NiFi in Business –
For which industry is Apache NiFi the best choice?

Apache NiFi can be used in a wide variety of sectors and industries, for example in:


In the healthcare, Apache NiFi delivers:

  • Close Patient Examination
  • Comprehensive Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Electronic Patient Record

Ona, a software and design company based in Washington D.C. and Nairobi, Kenya, uses Apache NiFi to improve humanitarian aid effectiveness. To do this, the company provides organizations around the world with actionable information from a variety of sources. Apache NiFi collects, processes and disseminates global health and service delivery data.


In the manufacturing industry, Apache NiFi provides:

  • Better Quality Control
  • Preventive Maintenance Measures
  • Optimized Supply Chain

Micron Semiconductor Manufacturing uses Apache NiFi to collect its global manufacturing data. The data is symmetrically fed into global Data Warehouses, stored and made available to data analysts and business partners via Data Marts. This enables a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing processes. For the data streams that require higher performance, the company inserts the NiFi site-to-site protocol. It transfers data processing to the Spark jobs on the Hadoop Clusters. With the NiFi REST API, Micron Semiconductor automated the creating and monitoring of new recording pipelines.


Apache NiFi brings Telecommunication Companies:

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • CDR Analysis

Slovak Telekom, a telecommunications company from Slovakia, uses Apache NiFi to actively monitor various network devices via the unified SNMP protocol. Apache NiFi always stays in the active reception mode to periodically call up the network devices. The conversion and transmission of the SNMP responses to Elastic Search and HDFS are also performed with NiFi.

Banks & Financial Service Providers

Apache NiFi establishes for banks and financial services companies:

  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Risk Data Management
  • Fraud Prevention

Happy Money, a fintech from USA, uses NiFi to extract and standardize large third-party data that is transferred between different sources including HDFS/Kafka/s3/sftp. Apache NiFi offers a schema validation of event streams. This allows the organization to securely modify and republish the event streams for general use.

Apache NiFi can also be used in other industries

Contact us, we will find a suitable solution for your business

What are our Apache NiFi services?

Our team provides:

Big Data project management

Full data flow modelling

Individual processor and extension building

Processors and extensions Tests

NiFi logs monitoring, from different platforms to avoid errors and memory-related issues

Data processing via multi-node NiFi clusters for increased performance and a unified data flow

We develop a platform for you, so you can keep an eye on your data at all times

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