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What is abas ERP? –Definition and History

abas ERP is one of the most widely used enterprise resource planning software for medium-sized companies. The goal of abas ERP is to increase the process security in production-related business and, at the same time, to maintain maximum flexibility and agility.

Abakus GmbH, a company for data processing systems, was founded in June 1980 by 5 fellow students. The name “Abakus” was changed to “abas” a short time later. This makes the company one of the most important German software pioneers. abas has grown strongly, both, nationally and internationally, since 1980. Today it has offices, registered in 27 countries.

In 2019, with Forterro, there was a generation change at the top of abas. Forterro developed a holistic solution portfolio that aimed to achieve a high level of customer and service orientation. This way, abas remained a leading and future-proof product on the ERP market.

What is special about abas ERP?

abas ERP combines the convenience of standard software with the flexibility of an individual solution.

This universal approach is achieved by clearly separating the technical basis, i.e. the core of the application, from the individual configuration settings. abas Software GmbH provides the technical basis and develops it further. This basis carries an application-related, individually adjustable application layer that offers space for adjustments. Through these adjustments, the structure of the company can be mapped dynamically and its technical requirements can be implemented exactly.

abas ERP thus provides an optimal combination of flexibility and individually adaptable functionality for the implementation of all company-specific business processes.

Even the standard version of the ERP system offers a wide range of functions for all business areas, such as purchasing, warehousing, sales, service, MRP, production, finance, controlling and management. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to use the ERP software efficiently in order to keep all processes running securely and stably.

This helps the company save time and money in order to remain competitive, especially in times of digitization.

What are the advantages of abas ERP?

The most important advantages of abas ERP are:

Every company is unique. It has its own specific needs and individually designed business processes.

abas ERP is a highly customizable software solution with extensive customization options. With abas, individual processes can be automated to save manual work and prevent errors. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the entire company.

abas ERP is being developed continuously. Every customer should be able to benefit from this development immediately.

To make this possible, abas built a special software architecture that does not require any complex migration. This makes it easy to manage every release upgrade. All customizations remain, even after the upgrade.

Thanks to the revolutionary abas ERP architecture, individual adjustments are kept separated from the ERP functionality. This means that critical business processes can be easily and securely configured and automated during ongoing operations.

The company not only benefits from the constantly developed solution, but also from low adaptation costs.

Not only good ERP software is crucial for the success of the project. To use ERP in the company optimally, the project organization and the employee’s competence are particularly important.

A proven and structured implementation method helps to introduce the user to the ERP software safely. This not only improves the user acceptance. A structured implementation allows also early course corrections and reliable scheduling in the project.

So the ERP project can be completed on budget and on schedule.

abas ERP supports companies in their international expansion by offering multi-language, multi-client and multi-currency capability. Multisite and multi-company accounting are also possible.

This ensures safe, sustainable growth across borders.

abas ERP enables comprehensive integration of third-party solutions, including the associated data exchange.

abas ERP is our core competence. We use our knowledge from 15 years of project experience professionally and securely for your company, so that you can optimally profit from all the abas ERP advantages

abas ERP in business –
For which industries abas
ERP is the best choice?

abas ERP is the perfect solution for every production-related company, for example for:

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturers are faced with growing customer requirements. Individual customer requests must be met, and complex products must be offered at competitive prices. Serial production does not offer enough potential for optimization with “batch size 1”. abas ERP supports Custom Manufacturers in the production of unique items, prototypes and small batches, as well as in the implementation of build-to-order and mass customization.

MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH uses abas ERP both, at its headquarters and in all of its representative offices throughout Germany. The decision was made in favor of abas because abas software offers full individualization, cost efficiency and internationalization, even after release changes. With abas ERP, MEIKO was able to optimize the processes and create centralized structures. Multiple data processing was no longer necessary. MEIKO has replaced the external warehouses with a single central warehouse. The service can access this at any time and from anywhere in real time.

Serial Production

Mass Producers must be able to quickly deliver high-quality goods to customers at a reasonable price. To do this, they need an efficient infrastructure and optimized operational processes. abas ERP offers this possibility and thus opens the way for cost-efficient variant production, additive manufacturing, smart factories, big data and internationalization.

EPHY-MESS GmbH has been working with abas ERP since 2002. The abas software is used, among other things, to optimize quality management and to increase transparency and productivity. Since implementing the software, the company has doubled its sales without needing additional employees.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery also has to supply its customers with increasingly complex products in small batches at reasonable prices. The companies depend on flexibility in production. abas ERP increases quality, so that companies can always offer their customers high-quality one-offs, variants, custom-made products, small batches and engineer-to-order.

Buss AG has been using abas ERP since 2009. The company found convincing abas’ low investment and operating costs, its functional coverage, degree of integration, usability and implementation method. In addition, Buss AG was able to make its own adjustments. Since 2009, the company has gone through two major releases, implemented a PLM interface and abas DMS from Habel.

Electrical & Electronics

The Electrical and Electronics industry has to withstand the pressure from growing shortages of raw materials, increasing price dumping and shorter innovation cycles. abas ERP offers a stable IT basis to meet these challenges. With abas, companies can provide their customers with variant and serial production, extended workbench, made-to-order production, design for manufacturing (DFM) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

ADAPT Elektronik GmbH brought higher transparency and efficiency to their processes using abas. The program convinced the company because it is understandable, simple and comprehensive. ADAPT has also expanded the current version of abas ERP by DMS, a scanner solution for material logistics and business apps.

Automotive & Supply

The Automotive Industry is strongly challenged by climate protection, digitization and new mobility concepts. The traditional procedures no longer meet the requirements. abas ERP helps the industry to break new ground and define the future with electric cars, smart factories, networked vehicles and autonomous driving.

Springtec Group has been expanding for years. In order to optimally support their growth, the group relies on the abas Automotive because of abas investment safety, flexibility and steady development.

Fabrication & Assembly

Component Manufacturers must be able to offer their customers complex components that meet precise requirements, in short product life cycles and at low prices. In order to cope with this, IT-supported optimization is required. abas ERP provides the necessary optimization, so that companies can supply their customers with high-quality custom-made products, prototypes, small batches, large scale and variants.

Thermodyne GmbH relies on abas ERP. The company benefits from the easy system integration. All functions are coordinated and intertwine directly. This allows processes to be designed simply and efficiently.

Process Industry

The Process Industry is characterized by strict safety regulations and quality specifications. Manufacturing is capital intensive and customer expectations are high. abas ERP enables chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers to optimize their production and thus adapt it to the market. As a result, companies are well equipped for digitization, mass customization, compliance and globalization.

Henelit Lackfabrik GmbH required a future-proof, multilingual ERP solution that can be customized easily and maintained centrally. abas ERP met these requirements. Since the implementation of the abas software, the company’s transparency has increased as well as its ability to provide information smoothly and delivery reliably. The ERP software provides constant support for process optimization. This made it possible to reduce stock and optimize production processes.

Rubber & Plastics Industry

Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers need to deliver their products quickly, with high quality and at a competitive price. Modern ERP support is required to meet this challenge. abas meets the industry-specific requirements of the plastics industry. This includes, for example, capacity planning, batch and serial number management, blanket orders or call-offs.

GEHR Kunststoffwerk GmbH has been using abas ERP in almost all business areas for years. The software not only helps GEHR to meet its high quality standards in an environmental and resource friendly manner. With the help of abas ERP the company also manages to get more control and security in the compliance area.

Medical Technology

Time-consuming and cost-intensive approval procedures, short innovation cycles, strict legal regulations and tight price specifications make Medical Technology very demanding. Efficient IT support is required to produce profitably. abas ERP helps Medical Technology companies to optimize their processes and thus achieve Medicine 4.0. That means high quality, secure compliance and the option for internationalization.

DOT GmbH implemented abas ERP in 2003. The company uses abas Essentials, purchasing, sales, materials management, production, MRP and accounting. The APS plug-in is used for simulation and detailed production planning. DOT was already efficiently organized before the abas software was implemented. Therefore, its operational structures did not have to be changed.

Metal Fabrication

In the Metal Fabrication, individual adjustments, increasing quality requirements and complex supply chains require a high degree of flexibility. Fluctuating foreign exchange and commodity prices increase the pressure. In order to compete internationally, comprehensive cost control and maximum process efficiency are required, which abas ERP offers.

KUIPERS technologies GmbH implemented abas ERP in 2011. The decision was made in favor of abas because the software’s performance suited ideally the company’s size. abas provides also a large range of functions and leaves a lot of room for individual adjustments. With abas ERP, KUIPERS integrated a bidirectional WiCAM interface and connected Stopa warehouses with the Trumpf machines. This means that KUIPERS forklifts receive driving commands directly from the workers. This significantly speeds up the entire transport.


Not only end consumers value online trading. Digitization is also progressing rapidly in the B2B sector. Automated processes and new sales channels are leading to major changes in wholesale. abas ERP supports retail with an omnichannel strategy, mobile commerce, B2B web shops and internationalization.

WMH GROUP GERMANY has been using abas ERP since 2005. The metal trading company chose abas software because it is flexible and innovative. WMH used the ERP implementation for internal restructuring and process optimization. For example, the company implemented a connection from the automated high-bay warehouse to abas ERP. Also a cut optimization that even flows into the preliminary-calculation and is sent directly from the application to the panel saw centers.

Our experienced ERP consultants support you with competence and expertise in your abas ERP project, so that you can optimally meet the expectations of your customers

Which abas ERP services do we offer?

abas ERP is our core competence. It is based on 15 years of project experience. During this time we have supported many small and medium-sized companies in abas projects.

From kick-off to go-live, we are there for you in every project phase.

Our services include:

Customer requirements and expectations are increasing. In order to meet these expectations, companies need a good overview of customer relationships at all times. abas ERP provides this service.

With abas you can manage sales processes, adjust prices, create offers, process orders and set up early warning systems. abas Business Intelligence provides you with reports to assess and optimize sales activities. Customer files help you visualize all important processes, recognize sales potential, personalize services and improve the customer experience so that your customers stays always in the focus.

Rising raw material prices, complex manufacturing processes and strict quality requirements challenge companies. Production must be flexible in order to handle both, mass production and small batch quickly and safely.

abas ERP provides you with sophisticated tools for efficient production control. Materials, deadlines and capacities are easy to track. This ensures transparency in resource planning, work preparation and production process monitoring. abas ERP supports you in variant management like an extended workbench. Production can be connected to purchasing and MRP, ensuring a smooth material flow. So you can fulfill orders in time, with minimal investments.

In order to remain competitive in the long term, it is important for every company to keep a close eye on its expenses. Where materials can be purchased? Who offers a reasonable price? How long does the delivery take? To answer these questions quickly, good supplier management is required. abas ERP offers a convenient and clear supplier data management.

abas supports your entire purchasing process. You can define your prices individually, specify scaled prices, material surcharges or discounts. With the help of cross-departmental integration, you can manage inquiries, order proposals, purchase orders, goods receipt and quality control. This gives you easy and safe control of the entire purchasing process.

A high flexible planning process is required when producing on stock, depicting different variants or manufacturing to order. abas ERP integrates contract manufacturing, the extended workbench as well as entry and exit control.

With abas you can use process-related production lists as a combination of material bills and routings. This keeps all data about times, machines, materials and operations in one place. The result is an optimized production from planning and simulation to control.

Materials management is about coordinating the product flow. The orders have to be planned, incoming goods checked, material stored or transported. The coordination should be quick and error-free. These requirements can only be met with a good ERP solution.

abas ERP helps you to accelerate your stock turnover and ensure a readiness to deliver. This allows you to reduce your investment, lower expenses and increase your liquidity.

Plant and machine manufacturers must offer their customers regular, professional maintenance. Maintenance ensures that the systems are ready for use. It minimizes the risk of failure. abas ERP offers optimal service call planning.

The Service Planner is integrated directly into the ERP. This gives you a complete, graphical overview of all resources, technicians and service processes, which you can easily schedule, plan or change using drag & drop. This significantly increases the feedback and efficiency of your service calls.

Business success depends on a healthy financial base. The company can only grow, develop new products and open new markets if it has good control over its costs. It has also to meet the legal and tax requirements perfectly. A modern IT solution offers the necessary support.

abas ERP contains a fully integrated accounting. This includes payment transactions, cash book, accounts receivable and payable, invoices and dunning. abas records, checks, books and visualizes all business processes. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your financial transactions and assets so that you can plan ahead and assess your financial possibilities safely.

Companies process a large number of emails, receipts and documents every day. All these documents must be archived and managed. abas DMS takes care of this task.

With abas DMS, your employees can archive, manage and organize all electronic documents quickly, reliably and audit-proof, using drag & drop. Paper receipts can be scanned and assigned to a process manually or via barcode. Scanned documents can be conveniently searched using optical text recognition (OCR). This helps your employees. Your company saves valuable time and reduces expenses.

Mobility shapes our life and our workplace. People have access to their smartphones at all times and are no longer tied to their offices anymore. However, this mobile world also makes demands that companies can only cope with a stable ERP solution.

With abas you can map all relevant processes via apps on mobile devices. This gives your sales team, for example, quick access to all CRM data, including customer or prospect files. Your service employees can check appointments in the field, store diagnostic data and immediately order the required spare parts themselves. This allows you to support your employees, help them with tiresome work, minimize their errors and increase their productivity.

In everyday business, electronic data such as orders, product prices, confirmations, purchases, delivery notes and invoices must be received, processed or sent on a regular basis. abas ERP offers a solution.

abas EDI helps you to make electronic communication more efficient and productive. This allows you to reduce your costs and, at the same time, to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Globalization provides many opportunities and opens new markets. But it also brings challenges. If company data is distributed across several locations nationally or internationally, or if different currencies are used, multi-company accounting can become complex. In order to cope with the tasks, a reliable IT solution is required.

With abas ERP you create lean data management, increase transparency and standardize business processes. All common company forms are mapped with abas. In multi-company accounting, you can maintain data centrally, adjust internal sales, carry out financial transactions and create reports. This makes it easy for you to compare your company branches or offices in order to ensure the success of the group.

Digitization enables companies to have easy and secure access to the international market. To compete on the international market, comprehensive IT support is required. abas ERP provides this support.

abas multi-language, multi-client and multi-currency capability helps you to organize, plan and optimize business processes across national borders. You can also use the multisite function to exchange processes and data between the companies or branches. This increases the efficiency, security and competitiveness of your company.

A connected IT landscape is what digitization means. Connectivity is the key word, because only through connecting an IT system – and thus the company – can fully exploit its potential.

With abas ERP you benefit from the powerful connectors, modern web interfaces and a graphic self-service integration tool, which enable secure data exchange with third-party solutions. This builds a stable base for your next digitization step.

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How does an ERP implementation work?

A typical ERP implementation runs in phases that are defined by their goals:

Project Start

For a successful implementation it is necessary to define the company’s requirements in the best possible way. Therefore, the first goal is to develop a clear, detailed understanding of the company.

In particular, the following points should be considered:

  • Current problems
  • Identified process inefficiencies
  • Defined expectations and goals
  • Project managers and key users
  • Cooperation
  • Time planning

More detailed analyzes can also be used to understand the requirements. This includes, for example, work process documentation. With this data, the adjustment of the ERP system can be better focused and controlled.

Key User Training

The training is a department-oriented briefing of the customer project team. The software is installed at the customer's site and the learning environment is set up. The training includes the following key areas:

  • Basic instruction
  • Intensive training for the project managers and key users in the ERP system standard processes
  • Solving workout tasks

The knowledge is then tested in a practical phase. A day-to-day business is mapped on the system.

Concept Creation

Together with the customer, future ERP processes are designed, the necessary functional and organizational measures are defined. The measures are then arranged according to priority.

A joint implementation concept is developed. This includes all work packages that are compatible with the customer's day-to-day business, broken down into smaller tasks.

The primary goal is to stay as close as possible to the ERP system standard processes and to keep the customization degree low.

In detail it means:

  • Definition of the future organization
  • Specification of individual wishes and requirements
  • Definition of responsibilities and scheduling
  • Compliance with the established budget
  • Coordination of the results with the management and the project team

Once the implementation concept has been approved, development can begin. The ERP software will be configured and, if necessary, adjusted. In this way, it can optimally support the processes. If necessary, other company applications can also be integrated into the system during the development phase.

It is important to prepare for the upcoming data migration during development. The migration can be extensive. This applies in particular when data from different systems and in various formats has to be extracted, transformed and loaded. To avoid the transfer of duplicates, of irrelevant or inconsistent data, the migration should be carefully planned and prepared.

The development phase includes:

  • Processing of the work packages of the implementation concept according to priority
  • Design of the print layouts
  • Data transfer
  • Implementation of defined organizational measures
Integration Testing

Testing should be done at the same time as development. Each completed work package or module should first be checked for functionality. This means that any necessary corrections or adjustments can be implemented immediately.

After a successful test, the work package should be accepted by the customer in writing.

Once the basic functions of the individual modules have been successfully tested, it is time to check the entire ERP system. This also includes testing data migrated previously.

User Training

For the training, it is not only important to familiarize the users with the functions provided by the ERP system. It is also important to include the materials created during development. Because those are the documents for the daily company business. They help the users optimally in their individual business area.

The customer project team is responsible for employee training. To do so, the project team is comprehensively supported by the implementation partner in all application questions.


When the system goes live, it's a big, exciting day toward that everyone involved has been working for months. It is therefore very important for the deployment phase that the implementation team, as a contact person, is on site. Because when the system is used for the first time, users will have questions that need to be answered immediately.

The implementation team is there during the Go-Live phase to help users get comfortable with the new system quickly and safely.

Important when preparing:

  • Defining the customer and implementation partner responsibilities
  • Creating priority and control lists for tasks processing
Support & Optimization

The support is there to ensure that the ERP system runs flawlessly even after the Go-Live phase. Support includes regularly installing software updates, listening to user feedback, and adjusting the system as needed.

After a successful Go-Live, process optimization begins in the company. Existing processes and functions are optimized and new requirements are implemented.

However, this description is not absolute. Every company is special. Because of that, the implementation phases may vary or overlap in individual cases

What are the advantages of a structured ERP implementation?

Having an experienced implementation team for a structured ERP implementation brings many advantages.

The most important are:

  • Clearly defined milestones
  • Early opportunity for course corrections
  • Comprehensive key user qualification
  • High user acceptance
  • Complete budget control
  • Secure scheduling
  • Short project times

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We follow your specifications and wishes. You get exactly the solution you need and ordered, with all settings and functions included.

We deliver the product in your Corporate Design so that your customers and employees recognize your brand.

We work with a well-established team. We cover the complete development life cycle, from the idea and market analysis to implementation and Go Live. You receive the entire project from us.

We divide the project into individual development phases, which you can follow easily and conveniently. This gives you the opportunity to monitor and control the entire development process.

We ensure a perfect execution at all times. Even after completion, we are there for you, so that your product works as long as you use it.

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