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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka

What is
Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka was initially developed as a messaging system, by former LinkedIn data engineers. Later, in 2011, the technology was turned over to the open source community. Since then, Kafka has evolved into a comprehensive, distributed event streaming platform.

Apache Kafka is firmly established on the market for many years now. It is, among other things, an integral part of the Confluent Stream Platform, where trillions of events are processed every day.

Apache Kafka is fast, robust, scalable and error-tolerant. Due to its large data memory and its low downtime, it is ideally suited for processing large amounts of data. This makes the platform the best choice when it comes to highly scalable real-time data solutions. For example, Apache Kafka can be used efficiently and reliably to create and manage data pipelines, to track service calls or IoT sensor data, as well as for instant messaging.

The platform is compatible with different frameworks for collecting, processing and analyzing streaming data. With Apache Kafka, Hadoop Big Data Lakes can also be fed.

What can Apache Kafka do for your business?

Apache Kafka is used in the Big Data environment to set up real-time streaming data pipelines. This also includes developing scalable applications that are based on the respective data streams.

Apache Kafka is best for:

Collecting and monitoring
of metrics

Stream processing

Message evaluating and processing

Real-time analytics

Data injection into Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop

Apache Kafka is set up successfully by many large and medium-sized companies such as Zalando, Adidas, LinkedIn, Netflix, Goldman Sachs and the New York Times.

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Why is Apache Kafka important for Big Data?

Apache Kafka is designed to process large data amounts quickly. It is stable, reliable, robust, flexible and individually scalable. This makes Kafka the optimal solution for Big Data.

Apache Kafka is ideally suited for Big Data because the platform is compatible with common software such as Spark, HBase and Flume. Data Warehouses/Lakes such as Azure, Hadoop, Cassandra, S3 and Redshift can also be easily supplied with the required data.

Among other things, Kafka can be used as a rapidly replicable message store with a very high data throughput. It can deliver the data to batch and real-time systems simultaneously, without performance loss.

What are the benefits of Apache Kafka?

Key benefits of Apache Kafka are:

Kafka provides event-based, real-time data processing. Real-time analysis of available data is essential for many companies. Kafka, as the market leader, makes it an easy manageable task.

Apache Kafka acts as an intermediary in data transfer. It receives data from source systems and makes it available to target systems in real time. Data transmission is protected against system failure, since Apache Kafka operates mostly in a cluster system.

Messages are decoupled in Apache Kafka. This means that the consumer can call them up at any time. This results in a very low latency, which is currently 10 milliseconds.

Due to the low latency, Apache Kafka manages to process large volumes of messages at high speed. For the enormous data throughput, high-performance hard disk systems are required. Those deliver a stable level of performance even under heavy load.

Apache Kafka’s distributed architecture allows an easy data partitioning and replicating.

Apache Kafka is a distributed system that offers fast and easy scalability with no downtime.

Apache Kafka can replicate data and serve multiple data consumers simultaneously. If an outage occurs, Kafka can automatically balance the data flow through the load balancer. This makes Kafka more reliable than other messaging services on the market.

The complete data flow can be handled via Apache Kafka. There is no need to implement additional systems that regulate the flow between the producing and consuming system. This means that the system landscape does not have to be unnecessarily expanded.

All data is easily accessible on Apache Kafka clusters for authorized users. This supports the ease of use.

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Apache Kafka in Business –
For which industry is Apache Kafka the best choice?

Apache Kafka is common in various industries, for example in:


Apache Kafka has become an integral part of the manufacturing industry. It is used for:

  • Production Control
  • Plant Logistics
  • Yield Management
  • Quality Control
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality

Tesla uses Kafka to process trillions of data sets on millions of devices. The company chose Apache Kafka for its ease of use and tremendous scalability.


One of the leading online fashion retailers, Zalando, inserts Apache Kafka as the enterprise service bus. Kafka helps the company move to a microservices architecture. Apache Kafka processes the event streams. This way Zalando can manage its business intelligence almost in real time.


Apache Kafka is popular in healthcare, especially for

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Connected Health

For example, Bayer uses Kafka for legacy modernization, ETL streaming, and in the hybrid cloud. CDC/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from USA apply Kafka for real-time analysis.


Media companies like the New York Times use Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams API for

  • Content Storage
  • Content distribution to different applications
  • Real-time publication to users

This improves the service and the customer user experience.

Comparison Websites

Comparison and booking websites such as HolidayCheck rely on Apache Kafka for

  • Real-time Analysis
  • Making Recommendations
  • Price Anomalies Detection
  • Fraud Detection

This allows customers to find the best deals from trusted service providers quickly and easily.

Banks & Financial Service Providers

Financial service providers – like Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands – use Apache Kafka to inform customers about financial events in real time.

PayPal is also inserting Kafka for years.

Apache Kafka can also be used in other industries

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What are our Apache Kafka services?

We offer our customers a wide range of Apache Kafka services, including:

We consult our customers on all questions relating to Apache Kafka, for example on:

  • Architectural Planning
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Streaming Analysis
  • Hosting in Data Centers
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Resiliency and Availability Strategies

We develop and implement Apache Kafka applications and complete solutions, such as:

  • Streaming Applications
  • Applications for communication between microservices
  • Applications for resiliency and availability
  • Connector Plugins
  • Individual adapters for third-party systems

We provide our customers with comprehensive service and support. This includes:

  • Metric Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Log File Analysis
  • Recovery Service

We support your company in every phase of an Apache Kafka project

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