What is Liferay?

What is Liferay?

Liferay is one of the leading software solutions for portals, websites and other communication platforms. With Liferay, complex processes can be centralized in order to optimize collaboration between employees, customers and business partners.

What are the benefits of Liferay?

Key benefits of Liferay are:

Refined Technology

The world’s leading platform provider, Liferay, offers a stable, refined technology to build on.

High Security

One of the reasons for Liferays popularity is the guaranteed security you can trust. Liferay doesn’t just carries out regular security tests. It also implements the strict OWASP and CWE/SANS security standards, complies with ISO 27001, SOC 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO).

Rapid Implementation

Liferay is quickly and easily to integrate into the existing systems so that you can maintain your established business structures.

Easy Personalization

With targeted content, Liferay delivers an optimal customer experience so that your customers feel well using the platform.

Optimized Business Processes

Liferay offers a central solution for all applications so that you can optimally access your data and efficiently implement your business processes.

Individualized Adjustments

Liferay is flexible and scalable with individualized customization to support your business growing.

Good Usability

An intuitive interface makes it simple to use the system, so your customers and employees will love it.

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How to use Liferay?

You can use Liferay in many ways, for example as:


Customer Portal with Self-Services

Liferay’s self-services enable your customers to see their orders, track shipments, provide information about ongoing and completed processes, and exchange documents. Most customers questions can be answered online too, for instance with a knowledge database or a constantly updated Q&A-Page.

So the Liferay self-service help you to increase customer satisfaction, save time and reduce your personnel costs.


Supplier Portal with Self-Services

In a supplier portal, Liferay’s self-services reduce the costs of procurement cycles by involving the suppliers in the procurement process. They can react to proposals displayed in the portal and updated on demand.

With the supplier self-services, your company benefits from easy, fast and cost-saving supplier management.


Legacy Systems Integration

Liferay connects websites, ERPs, CRMs and other applications to streamline business processes and to improve customer experiences. By precise user and identity management, all data stays protected from any unauthorized access.

In a connected system, you can organize your business processes and so increase your productivity.


Extranet for collaboration with business partners and customers

With Liferay’s extranet, collaboration between B2B business partners is easy and simple. Information and documents can be shared directly so the communication and decision-making is fast.

Using Extranet, you benefit from modern tools making your business processes more efficient and secure.


Intranet for employees

With Liferay intranet, you give your employees modern tools for accessing existing product information, best practices and other relevant content quickly and easily. This will help your employees to comply with high company standards.

Using intranet, you support your employees in the office as well as in the field and remotely so that your employees can work at their best.

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Liferay in Business –
For which industry is Liferay the best choice?

Liferay is a versatile platform that can be used for a wide variety of industries, such as:

Machinery & Plant Engineering

Machinery & Plant Engineering is focused on digitization of business processes.

Liferay supports with:

  • B2B E-Commerce Solutions for optimal customer experience
  • Distributor and Supplier Portals for quick access to relevant information
  • Self-Service Customer Portals for stronger customer loyalty and reduced service costs
  • Integration Platforms for holistic overview of all real-time data

Financial Industry

In the financial sector, critical processes must be handled with the utmost care and security.

Liferay addresses this challenge by:

  • Wealth Management Solutions for clients and employees
  • Advisor Portals for maintaining long-term customer relationships
  • Self-Service Customer Portals for individually designed omnichannel experience
  • Digital Workplace for efficient employee collaboration
  • Integration Platforms for digitalizing business processes and so maximizing operating margins

Public Sector

The public sector is particularly concerned with meeting the expectations of members, citizens and employees.

Liferay offers authorities:

  • Service Portals for information and digital offers to citizens
  • Member Portals for parties, associations and institutions
  • Intranets for efficient employee collaboration
  • Websites for best user experience and high engagement of members, citizens and employees

Insurance Industry

In the insurance industry, customer trust, customer benefits and uncomplicated contact with customers are decisive.

Liferay delivers to the insurance companies:

  • Self-Service Customer Portals for customers to independently manage contracts and check insurance benefits
  • Broker Portals for faster customer acquisition
  • Digital Workplace for efficient collaboration between brokers, appraisers, underwriters and intermediaries
  • Integration Platforms for optimal digital transformation


Putting the patient first gives healthcare companies a significant competitive advantage.

Liferay helps to do so by:

  • Self-Service Patient Portals for easy access to medical records and services
  • Healthcare Provider Portals for communication beyond the hospital and doctor’s office
  • Intranet for digital employee experiences to increase employee motivation and engagement
  • Integration Platforms for comprehensive communication with providers and patients in all healthcare phases

Power Supply

In energy supply, customer satisfaction and cost reduction are very important.

Liferay delivers:

  • Self-Service Customer Portals for stronger customer loyalty and reduced service costs
  • Digital Workplace for efficient employee collaboration
  • Integration Platforms for business processes digitization and a good real-time data insight

Liferay can also be used in other industries
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What can Liferay do for your business?

Liferay is an asset for your company too, because Liferay provides you with:

User Management & Access Control

This simplifies user administration according to defined access guidelines. User management is compatible with SSO services as well as other login services.

Platform Services

You get highly available and scalable services with single page applications, administration and platform certifications according to industry standards.


Third-party services can be integrated via interfaces such as SOAP, REST, RSS, etc. The Liferay marketplace is also available.

Social Media & Communication

Using Liferay you can offer your business partners and employees blogs, forums, knowledge bases and message boards. There is also a calendar function and integration into social networks to send automated invitations, surveys or announcements.

Process Automation

To automate processes, you get forms, form APIs, dynamic lists of data, user-based workflow and multilingual support.

Content Management

For content management, Liferay Enterprise provides DMS, CMIS integration and enterprise files synchronization. With Google Drive plugin you can edit you documents remote or online.

Multichannel Support

Liferays behavior on mobile devices is adaptable at every device type. You can also use responsive design, push notifications, headless APIs and mobile SDK.


For search, Liferay gives you search admin tools, low-level search interfaces, Solr and Elasticsearch integration, as well as multilingual search.

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